Product Assembly

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As part of our Subcontract CNC Machining service, we are also available to offer Part or Full Assembly of your components delivered directly to you, or your end customer. All of our fully assembled components are delivered with the same meticulous attention to detail as our Precision Machined Components ensuring your final product is fit for purpose and ready to use.

Having a highly skilled workforce capable of not only Machining, but Assembling and Delivering ready to use components to our customers helps us ensure we continue to remain our customer’s One-Stop Machining Shop.

Assemble To Order

This service allows our customers to have Bespoke Machined Components delivered at short notice whilst also allowing for small variations in design between batches. This service combines both make-to order and make-to-stock for a customer looking for flexibility combined with a fast turnaround.


What is product assembly?

Mechanical component assembly, or product assembly, is the process in which a finished product is fully or partially constructed to produce the required good. This usually consists of assembly, and sub-assembly processes, and is crucial for tasks to be completed in a specific order to ensure quality and maximise the life span of parts.

What does part assembly mean?

The act of assembling components or parts to create a complete, or partially complete product.

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