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4,500 ft² facility

Milltech Precision Engineering has a wealth of expertise in Valve Manufacturing and have established a dedicated 4,500 ft² facility for the sole purpose of manufacturing Industrial Hydraulic and Pneumatic Valves and Manifolds.

Matsuura HPlus-300

24/7 production

The facility operates using two Matsuura H-Plus 300 Machines complimented with a Horizontal Multi-Pallet Changer which helps us to ensure the facility runs 24/7. Due to the nature of these CNC Machines, this unit is ideal for maintaining quality of parts through medium and high volume Manifold and Valve Manufacturing.



While primarily supplying Precision Components Machined from Stainless Steel to the Oil and Gas sector, we also manufacture Valves for other industries such as Sub Sea and Renewable Energy using other raw materials such as Iron and Bronze.


Quality is Paramount

Quality in our industry is absolutely paramount and will help ensure we continue to be regarded as an outstanding supplier to industry by our customers.

In addition to our usual quality control process, we constantly monitor the performance of the unit using Matsuura’s Remote Intelligence Machine Monitoring Program (RiMM). This software allows us to ensure the unit is constantly optimized for high quality Valve and Manifold bodies.

cnc milling


How are valves manufactured?

A valve is a device which regulates or directs the control of a liquid or gas through opening, closing or partially closing passageways. Valves are complex components and as such need to be machined with absolute precision throughout all operations. As such, this typically performed on an advanced CNC machine which will turn the raw material into a finished product without removing from the piece from the machine between operations.

How many types of valve are there?

There are many different types of valves which are intended for different purposes. For example, ball valves are generally used in instances of low-flow whereas butterfly valves are used to easily regulate flow through a quarter-turn.

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